Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa Subclass 400

This visa enables people, with specialised skills, knowledge or experience not generally available in Australia, to come to Australia to do short-term, highly specialised work.

This visa is generally issued for 3 months or less, however can be issued for up to 6 months in limited circumstances if supported by a strong business case.

You must be invited, or supported, by the organization you will be working for and have highly specialist skills, knowledge or experience that cannot be found in Australia. 

The event, activity or work you will be doing must be non-going. Non-going work means work that is likely to be completed within 6 months or less.

This visa can be issued if:

  • You can demonstrate that you will work in a highly specialised job and that there is no skilled person in Australia to do the same job at the same level.
  • The contribution of the person in case of major disaster like fire, flood, earthquake or in cases that may affect the diplomatic or commercial interests of Australia

The is no need for a business sponsorship. You can include Members of the family unit in your application when you apply.